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It all started when...

Last night i was a mess of emotion but i've already had two other blows preparing for it , along with a long trip of sickness, anyway, I was on youtube when i discovered "The Elys & Co" , i can't necessarily say that i'm planning to move in full time and live on a bus but it's definitely something i look forward to but i was deeply moved by the emotion, the happinness Georg and Ann have in their life. Let's just say i was waiting for something big to change my mine , i had proofs and something that was building up to a big celebration but everything shatterred and i was left heart broken yet reminded that i can still live the life i desire...on a longer different path. I want to eliminate all fear from within me because i have nothing else to loose.  Follow "The Elys & Co" on their individual platforms on Instagram and youtube channel



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Feminism is not a Slogan for a T-Shirt

words by @sabinxdzh

 what has feminism evolved too, now that the verb itself has transformed into a slogan for mass-production fashion outlets, such as Forever 21, to print with a san-serif font onto t-shirts, consequently selling them to an audience who believe the political movement to be a trend that allows them to feel connected to celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, who too are all outspoken feminists.