baby teal

she portraits by @babyteal 

1-are you your own kind of beautiful?
That's a hard one for sure, but I'd say I am pretty comfortable in my own version of beautiful. 

2-did you ever change your style in make up of wardrobe to fit in?
I think the only time I tried to fit in as far as style goes would be in highschool when I went through what's called a scene phase. Which was just a fun and playful way to look punk in my eyes. 

3-who were your first models to shoot?
The first person I ever did a "real" shoot with was my roommate at the time and best friend my sophomore year of college.

4-are you comfortable with self portraits?
 I'm definitely very confident in my self portraits now which surprising did take a little while to get used to. It's one thing letting someone else be in control of the camera but it's another to be in control of both.

5-do you get out of the shower and not look at your body because you're ashamed ? If so , has anyone sexually abused you?doesn't have to be in real life, maybe from someone you've met online and never face to face. 

I think I'm pretty comfortable with my image. It took a while to realize that it's not healthy to try to force your body to look a way it just isn't built to look. It took being surrounded to many other model at a young age who did subject themselves to that.

6-how did you overcome your fears and shame towards this abuse? I think I kinda answered 5 and 6 in one.
7-when do you feel the most inspired? I would have to say I feel the most inspired when I'm working with others who are also very creative. It just makes me want to push myself more.

8-were you comfortable shooting the self portraits for SKIN? Anytime I shoot suggestive nudes I try not to think about it as being naked, the body is a work of art just as the image itself is and sometimes the natural look just works well for the concept.

9-what's the one song that makes you the happiest but still full of tears? Hmmm I always struggle with songs because music in general speaks to me in ways that normal words sometimes can't. I'll have to think about that one.

10-if you love me why won't you let me know! Do you regret not telling someone you don't love him/her? I think it's important to remember before proclaiming your love for someone is, are you doing it for selfish reasons or because your truly care deeply for them and their entire soul. I think that's the only way you know if you really are in love with someone. 

11-after your heartbreak , how did you change? Did you feel like you lost yourself, even the music you used to love so much became so ditached to your state? With that being said I think iv still had some heartbreaking moments in past relationships and at the time they did feel awful, but I always found a way to grow from those experiences.

12-tell me about a moment /revelation that changed something in your goals or an emotion you fought so long to get rid of(someone you were hooked to and you just felt like you can let go? Or at the end of the movie you realized what you've needed all along.) 
I think the thing that changed the most for me in the last year is that I truly believe if you set you mind and heart to something it's always achievable. It may take a long time and a lot of effort but as long as you have patience it's only possible to reach your goal.

I think you could definitely say I'm a bit of a romantic and a big dreamer