Lorenza centi

1.WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? I grew up in the metro Detroit area of Michigan 

2.Your work is inspired by Dali and Picasso , who do you find yourself closer to? What attracts your eye when you choose your colors?

I find myself closest to Dali, for a few reasons, most obviously our work is predominantly in the surrealist style. He has this amazing quality of being able to put the viewer into a new dimension. You can see real true feeling and emotion through his obscure objects, as artists we always have reasoning for things that seem irrelevant but actually hold a strong meaning in the body of work. I feel as life I am leaving myself a breadcrumb trail throughout my work, sort of a moment marker. I think that is very present in all of Dali’s work. I also identify with him more because he was an artist of many mediums and lately I’ve been dabbling in all sorts of things like painting, photography and mixed media.

3.Name 5 songs you listen to a lot when you work? When choosing a color palette I always try to go from something really dark and drab but always end up with the opposite. I think the sublet gradient is key and the palette shouldn't deviate drastically I try to stay within the same hues and just change values. It also depends on my mood, when I first started the “On Being Pink” series I was a really good emotional point and when that point went away I found myself not wanting to create with those poppy colors, I needed an adjustment and that's how the “Paw Paw at You” series was born. I was looking for something with more depth but just as bold and exciting.Music plays a huge roll in my work, majority of my pieces are named after songs or lyrics in songs. My latest top five nonstop shuffle has been Non Grata by Lower Dens, Traveller by Beach House, Starry Eyes by Cigarettes After Sex, Dina by Sports and Digital Love by Daft Punk. 


4.Where are you based and where do you dream of showing your work? A gallery in London or Soho ? I am currently based in Michigan and my hope is move to New York after I graduate. I’d like my work to be spread as far as possible; I have yet to have any of my personal work in physical galleries or any exhibitions so I’d like to get involved more in person and off the web.  


5.Do you find yourself drawn to female characters in movies these days more than you do towards men?Since focusing on this body of work I do see myself more drawn to female leads in movies, bands and in life in general, admittedly I’ve become obsessed with women. I feel like I need to constantly be empowering and educating others. You should be passionate about what you create and while I have always been a feminist I have found myself talking more publically about it and really engaging in the 4th wave feminist movement. 


6.Where would you go next with your art? I’m not sure what my next move is but I know it will be bolder. I’d like to start experimenting in other mediums. I want my work to make people do something. I think our generation’s largest issue is bitching on the web but not actually doing anything to make a change. I want my work to make people want to change. Whether it be in light of gender equality or something totally different. As I mentioned I’d like to start to have my work in shows, I want to get out there, off the web. Not to say the web is all bad, it’s an amazing source for information and communication but I’d like to get more involved in the art community locally.