Ophelia & the girls

ophelie rondeau

Ophelie, a photographer & videographer based in Berlin, currently mentored by photographer Richard Kern. "i’ve been shooting girls on film under the project #ophelieandthegirls since February 2015. my work can be seen online and in print, from Hunger magazine to Dazed via The Huffington Post and Teen Vogue, with interviews in both I-D and Kalblut magazine coming soon. " 
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Do you ever listen to music when you shoot?
Unless I shoot outdoors, yes, always! We often listen to whatever music the models have in their playlist, I think it helps some of them feeling more comfortable as well. 

How do you do your casting?
It’s all virtual! I found most of the girls via social medias, especially instagram. And then sometimes I get emails from friends of girls I photographed, which is very nice and also saves me a lot of time! 

Do you paint, draw?
No, but I intend to paint a little bit. I did a piece the other day for a friend, he has a book in which every guest has to draw something, anything. It was a lot of fun and I actually liked what I made! I would love to blend photography with paint and/or drawing, I think I might do that some time this winter when I’m cozy at home. 

Any new song or album you are playing on repeat?
I recently discovered Sloslylove and instantly became a HUGE fan. Seriously, this guy is a genius! This is all I listen to on the way to shoots or during brainstorming sessions. I’ve also been listening to every Chromatics songs on repeat for the past 7 years. Definitely my favourite band of all times. But I must admit Sloslylove is the current trend for me. 

What are your dreams?
I’d love to just be able to do what I’m doing for as long as I physically can and that nothing will ever get on the way.

Where would you LOVE to get published? Which magazine?
Who doesn’t want to see their work in Vogue… 



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