zine girl

My name is Daniela García, i'm an artist from Bogotá currently based in New York.

I'm mainly interested in editorial and children's illustration, comic and embroidery. I've worked in graphic design, installation for exhibitions at Festival Entreviñetas and as programming assistant at MoCCA Arts Festival.

My work has been exhibited in "The Last Match" by Kus Komikss and "XV Salón Javeriano".

The project "Fight like a Zine Girl" born from the idea that through illustration as a tool we can explore and provide autobiographically.

The feelings and emotions lead a creative process that sets a permanent functionality to question, allows indiscretion and takes strength through the graphic novel, the comic, the zine.

In this particular case, this zine narrates a post break up, a few things about the emotional process and how we can find strength empowering the creative thoughts through the bone folder as weapon.

It was printed in RISO and the zine format allows me to distribute easily, it's a project i'd like to continue and right now it's turning into hand embroidered patches.

Some of my references are Tuesday Bassen, Julia Wertz, Sarah Andersen and Alison Bechdel.

Lately I've been listening Girl Pool, Florist and Power Bottom, all from New York.

Here are some photos of my work, i hope you like it.