Youth is blond,black,red and curly hair that flies around, sticks to your bubble gum lipstick , it’s that question “why wouldn’t she dance with me?” 

I want an endless life of experiences, kissing people I love, barely sleeping, doing what I want. Changing lives, creating happiness, MOVING PEOPLE TO TEARS. Youth is not just about sneaking away for a smoke or a full moon party, remember it’s the most important time of our lives, it can’t be wasted. 

It’s in the way we create our identities.

The journey of youthful self-expression and teenage desire we go through.

How we encapsulate the complexity of femininity: equal parts delicate and strong while being driven with ambition and ideas what drives you forward?

Is it a world empowered by depth and point of view that is unlike anyone else’s? 

The little insights into the mind of a young woman on the cusp of adulthood as she continues to figure out her place in the world but I am telling you darling to take this new vow as you look into the mirror:By the power invested in YOU, stop waiting for something outside of yourself to be happy. You may now kiss the new you.


The more and more you look into these ideals that have been set by the media for years and years the crazier and crazier it all becomes. I read once that this world is increasingly designed to depress us. Happiness isn't good for the economy. If we were completely happy with ourselves, why would we need more?



pretending to be someone else can rub in on your own life

 it’s dangerous. Don’t pretend something you are not, don’t become invisible in your own game of life. All your scars, make you a fighter, what makes you so complex. How do you find such courage? You evolve through your pain even your failures, even with all the mistakes you have done, the self-hate that was injected within you, You just have to rise UP and BE. No one understands your dreams better than you do, no one can make those visions come true but You. Pain has given me strength to move forward in my life, every ache, every needle injected in my hand and every time i lay there lying for an x-ray, my dreams were my number one focus. Nothing can put me down, i might cry, go through emotional break downs, but i never ever stop. You have to be thankful for everything that happens to you, all the struggles that gave you your strong will. When you feel defeated, play a great song, look for the inspirational videos on Youtube, read biographies like “Pursuit of Happyness” or just simply think of your iconic hero, if they can make it, you can too. Just don’t let defeat or rejection shape you. Do whatever it takes to overcome your fears. 


truth is beautiful

even when everyone says that something is ugly, with a genuine feeling, anything can be beautiful. Just to be living in this world requires strength and knowledge of identity. Through Art we discover ourselves, the things around us,  their truth or how we can make things better with freezing time and capturing light, it’s when we feel the closest to our TRUTH. 

You just have to find the right balance between soft and too soft, hard and too hard. 

Who am I ? It’s just futile worldly passion, we can be whatever we want.

Art destroys stereotypes, recreates truth. 

That is why female photography is vital. 


 I am not your babe girl


desire sets itself in your mouth , words come to you , emotion too hard to control, how funny it is and empowering at the same time to be truly revealed by the tip of your tongue, by the things you write…these thoughts sets you free, they show the world who you are. Once you learn of the change you are causing, you learn how strong a community canbe, to join arms rather than point fingers. Desire is sweaty , scary, memorable, as girls we should be able to tell everyone what we want, need and think without needing anyone to speak for us. 


If women aren’t writing, if women aren’t telling their stories, then they go untold or they get misconstrued. zariya allen



you choose who you want to become. 


the best energy you can ask for is the passion you feel in others, to reach out and spread inspiration.To be free , ,is to never , ever stop chasing your dreams. To be emancipated by singularity. To wake up with love around and within. You have to remember to move forward, after all the hard work, it will get easier, it will be worth it. 



When we keep our voices loud and clear, we will surely be heard. 


our movement and sisterhood moves us forward, even when you feel like you have reached a dead end, it isn’t true, we don’t need a boss or someone in authority to change how we see ourselves or the future. Let’s start with self love then let’s



with all the hate we inject on others, even the people or opinions we don’t approve of. Let’s not fight through hate but rather with love, doing what we believe in, doing it with forgiveness. We truly have to immerse ourselves with each role we play.