Queer/Trans/Nonbinary Project

Photography Project and words by @abbeysacksart


Jaake is a singer songwriter and artist who identifies as genderqueer. They have a beautiful and rich singing voice and in their interview they talked about discovering their queer identity through songwriting and performing. I loved exploring the streets with them and finding fun backgrounds to compliment their pink outfit.


Josie is a queer interdisciplinary artist and cam model from Anaheim, California. The shoot ended up lasting for almost the entire day because we both had so many collaborative ideas bouncing off of each other! I interviewed him about his experience as a sex worker and his thoughts about the stigmas surrounding it. 


Laura is a femme queer plus size model/photographer from Melbourne, Australia. I've been admiring her work on instagram for a while, so when I saw that she was visiting Los Angeles I immediately reached out to her about the project. Laura talked about her experience as a queer fat femme, her hopes for the LGBTQ community to become more inclusive and how she is portraying that through her work. 

Lizard & Dad 

Lizard and dad are the founders of Haus of Cuties, a "queer collective organizing safe spaces in our local communities". They identify as nonbinary and go by they/them pronouns. It was so inspiring to hear their story of organizing the events and uplifting/bringing together other LGBTQ people in their area.