ashtray heart

Alex Blanco, photographer @alexblancoy

In the story "Ashtray Heart" I play with the word Ash (the name of the model) and her encounter with existential nausea (the gray abyss of a filthy ashtray) as she arrives in her friend's apartment in Paris. All over sudden, the ordinary things like clothes, umbrella, bed, aquarium and bathtub change in her eyes. They become odd, unfamiliar and meaningless. She plunges from one space to another rapidly changing her outfits in order to encounter the connection with the material world which could help her to find a cure for this strange "illness". She feels that her idea of going to Paris was random and superfluous and now there is no exit from this weird perspective. The act of the exit itself seems meaningless like all the things around. Everything ends up being gray, dull and dead like the essence of an ashtray, the ashtray heart.