Please introduce yourself and what you do. My name is Marisa and I am the owner and creative director of Consttant, a feminine streetwear brand. Consttant is about accepting the positives and negatives in life and how we are all part of a constant journey that is forming us into the beautiful person we are today. The clothes are meant to be comfortable, but also having the option to be worn sexy for a fun girls night out. I hand all operations of running my brand: photography, communicating with manufacturers, designing, and anything that comes up when you think of Consttant. 

Share how you came to doing what you do. I knew for a very long time that I wanted to start something of my own. I wanted to connect fashion and helping people creatively while also making a change in the fashion industry. My ultimate goal for Consttant is that when I am older and running this brand, to be able to support other young creatives who were as hungry and drive as me to start their own business venture or be given the opportunity to experience starting a creative venture of their own.

Share a quote either from someone or somewhere that inspires your originality, to be you and not care what anyone thinks. What inspires/motivates you about it? Tell us about the time you first found it. How has it changed the way you think or act.A lesson I learned from my mother is that you can not look back at the decisions you made, but only look forward and work with what you have currently. This motivates me daily to not dwell on little things that may pop up into my head, but to keep pushing myself to work my hardest to bring to life something I strongly believe in.

What is a negative experience that has turned into a positive experience, or just helped you to realize something about yourself? I definitley feel that moving to New York to study fashion design was a major event that formed and evolved who I am today. People say that either you “love” or “hate” New York, but I have found myself in between. It is a tough city, but only mentally where it pushes you to work your hardest and it helped me define my design aesthetic which I am very happy with to this day. 

What is something you always remind yourself to do while creating? While creating, I always try to keep in mind the ideal #consttantbabe. She is a high class casual, wearing oversized pieces and bringing it all together with vintage jewelry and sharp heels. Or can go from dressing comfy casual wearing a body hugging dress with her freshest pair of kicks. A #consttantbabe wants to step out of the box with her style while also staying true to what she loves. I like to design things that are familiar, yet add a sense of unfamiliarity. 

Share what inspires you to follow your dream. Going back to how I came to doing what I do, I truly believe and want to help people through the growth of Consttant. I truly want to build this brand to make changes, including: showcasing different types of girls of all shapes and color as models for my brand, addressing that it is okay to not be feeling 100% all the time because we all go through some many things that make who we are, while also doing my best to let the viewer know where there clothes are coming from. 

What do you want to see more of in the world? Through Consttant, I’d like to provide more support and knowledge to other girls and women who want to start their own creative ventures. This builds a community and awareness that there are other people in the same situation as you, working on achieving something that they have always dreamed of. One person to so many morecan help motivate someone to be so much happier and create so many more things.

What is something you would like to share about starting your own venture: the process, hardships, outcome of hitting progressive milestones.Through independently starting Consttant, I have learned to work with all my might and that it is a never ending process of learning and doing. Building Consttant has taught me how to work passionately about something I love to do.