Photographer @r_oss

 Your struggles with self love? since i was a little kid i disliked inequality, I didn't judge the others children and sometimes i tried to defend the ones who were mocked . My sister was well built and i have often defended her too. So i grew up with this values of respect. After that, i was a free teenager, dressed as i wanted, didn't care about everyone else's opinion and the others girls didn't really like me, i didn't understand why and i started to see the problems of humanity.

I always told myself that i had to love myself because i was lucky to exist, because i was lucky to be able to live, to laugh, to dance, to love, to see, to feel. According to me, the beauty is not in the things but in our way of seeing them. So I always had a benevolent look at myself and others.

Since i am a model, i feel that in my pictures are the thing that characterize me and take their place naturally. Natural, simplicity, sincerity, emotion, truth, authenticity. I don't search the perfection in my pictures, i search an emotion, a story, a message.

To love yourself, you must be in peace with yourself. You must be in agreement with you every day in each one of your acts, each of your words. All this details are important in life.

What are your dreams? a life of surprise, i want to travel, meet people, i want to be happy. I dream of going on a safari, i have a lot of dreams!!

Where would you rather live? I love my region, i live in south of France, I love the climat and the landscapes. Today, i will not change.

Do you feel like you've been putting yourself on the side and never giving youself the time to be alone and discover who are even further? Before i became a model 2 years ago, i was a financial advisor in a bank for 8 years. It was a very hard step to take but the decision to be happy gave me the confidence to quit , i needed time for myself.