Sarah Runge

#allthefridas is a MINDSET.
THE FRIDAS are the COUNTERPOINT to their social landscapes. STANDING OUT is their way to adapt and melt down worlds disregarding borders. They do not serve the patterns of their society, homeland, religion nor any patriarchal rules whatsoever. Yet, they are the melting pots of their cultural experiences, their roots, their adventures, their social challenges.

#allthefridas is a CRAVING for NEW FACES, IDENTITIES and STORIES.
THE FRIDAS don’t relate to nowadays stereotypes. They assume their identity, their talents and their choices. They dare, question, provoke. They are their own role models who express themselves in ways of living that are PERSONAL, EMANCIPATED, FREE.

#allthefridas is an ODE to the YOUNG and the RECKLESS, the REBEL and the FEARLESS, the BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL.
The status quo is UNAPOLOGETIC DIGNITY, SHAMELESS LOVE, GUTS DEEP. It’s one valid way to having faith in your intuitive decisions and embrace the rolling snowball you become. “Wow! I’ve never thought I’ll be doing this!”

ALL THE FRIDAS is a an on going video project created by artist and film director Dana Tomoș, gathering portraits and one minute conversations with exciting and active women and men (coming soon) who share the same mindset in various ways and for whom authenticity is the norm. The primary inspiration is the beloved artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo with each of the fridas becoming an inspiration herself.

Aminata Belli

Rana Farahani

Canan Suvatlar

Maria Drăguș

Ana Caizerliu

Hellen Gramkow

Mari Fukumoto

Johanna Noack

Moshtari Hilal