The other day a teacher of mine gave us this paper where we had to write really personal stuff and then we had to exchange papers between students (anonymously) and each student would choose a sentence they liked from the other student's paper and make a sculpture out of it. On my paper, there was this part where It said "my mom____" and I completed it with "is my other heart beating outside of me". The person who got my paper chose that sentece and made a tiny person made out of tiny paper balls hugging a huge red heard (that was outside of that person) with it's eyes closed and a smile. All of it looked so tender and I just started crying. I felt it so intensly I just couldnt help myself. This is a bit off topic but my point is, I feel everything so intensly, even the tiniest gesture affects me in a massive way. Its the same with songs. I cant play whatever song I like if I'm not in the right place to hear it.
What was the first book you've ever read or bought

Well i've been reading since a very young age so I don't remember the first book I read/bought but I can tell you that the first book that left a very deep "footprint" on my soul was an "Oscar Wilde" book named "The picture of Dorian Gray"
Yess!! I believe people should let themselves FEEL more. As you grow up you learn howto hide your true feelings because you think that if you (for example) jump when you see someone you missed a lot you'll look childish and make a fool out of yourself. I just can't hide what I feel so I'm socialy accepted. Me and my girlfriend are really spontaneous and we love that in each another. The other day we visited a different town and as we were walking on an avenue, we arrived to this square where there was playing Fado (it's a tradicional kind of music from Portugal very well known worldwide)and without saying a word, we started dancing imediatly at the same time. About 20
seconds after everyone sitting in the restaurants there started clapping, as we were actually not expecting that reaction for something that we think should be perfectly normal - just two people dancing in the street feeling the good music
It was actually not the first time we danced on the streets (we dance basically everywhere if we're feeling the music) but getting that reaction was surreal -
no one gets applauded for walking, and dancing is as natural as walking, am I right?
Search for "AmΓ‘lia Rodigues - Gaivota" on youtube so you can listed to the song we danced to
How can two people who are intensly in love not feel the urge to dance when this song comes up? I know you wont't understand the lyrics but they are pretty strong The chorus goes like "What a perfect heart / would beat in my chest / my love,in your hand / that hand where it would fit / my heart perfectly


God is beauty and you just found that beauty within you , in others and the world around you.It is a gift to be given a beautiful heart , life is beautiful and full of gifts that we needs to be thankful for, that we need to pay ridiculous attention to. The whole point of this magazine is to embrace your inner beauty to be able to love the world , to finding peace with your innocence without the fear of demonstrating in public , to have the courage to be yourself, cry when you need to cry, dance on the street while listening to music,close your eyes,jump like a 6 year old because you are happy