katie flinn

Katie flinn

self portrait series and words

Im so fucking thankful to have been sent into this world as a girl. 

Even through all the periods, stretch marks, muffin tops and shitty bras; it’s all stuff i’ve come to love over the years - i’m only 21, but puberty hit me early, so I feel qualified to say so.

I think i’m pretty lucky to have been raised in a household of only girls. Having a mindset that women are weak and men are strong was not really possible when you watch your mum do everything from cooking and cleaning to wielding tools fishing. I was taught from an early age that we could do and have anything we wanted; we just had to be willing to work for it. Asking for handouts was never an option. 

I knew I wanted to pursue photography by the age of 15. In my textiles and sewing class I always found myself spending more time looking at the editorials in Vogue than actually doing any work. I dropped out of high school in my senior year to get a job instead of planning for uni.


I spent a good few years fluffing around before realising New Zealand was too limiting for me personally. I still hadn’t taken any steps towards my goal to be a photographer. I needed a challenge; I needed to cut myself off from all the comforts of home and any opportunity for laziness. I decided to move to Brisbane two years ago and i’ve never looked back. I bought myself a camera and dove into teaching myself anything and everything I could.

Now here I am, submitting my first ever set of images to an online magazine. Im definitely proud of what i've achieved; The photos i’ve chosen are a series of self portraits that I think truly reflect who I am as a #GIRL; Confident. Fierce. Independent. Raw. Beautiful.