rachel mccoy

when i recieve  the most beautiful honest words , i just copy paste and change nothing. 



Pleased to meet you. I’m a seventeen year old Canberra freelance writer and photographer. Canberra is a weird suburban place, not much goes on around here and I’m looking to connect with something bigger, something I’m bursting with passion for, and that’s girls. Girls of all kinds, volatile, shy, outrageous, I want to support them. I’m here to submit you a photo series I’ve already done on femininity, but also to share my story in hopes that we can maybe start a discussion and bounce ideas off each other. 


So, I became homeless due to domestic violence in October of last year. I’ve been couch surfing ever since, working five shitty hospitality jobs and making art, taking photos of events and my own kinda editorials, having little exhibitions and writing for free for a local magazine. I’ve been on a huge adventure and I’ve produced a lot of art since, with nowhere to share it. You see, when you went to the richest school in the city, then bombed out and became homeless because of something as taboo as domestic violence, it kind of silences you. I’d love to share my art with you, work with you guys and help other people like me, which I am sure there are many of. 


This series is called “In the Flesh”. I’ve been exploring different aspects of femininity as of late, and this is the first installment of the series, an ode to the softer side. My next shoot is going to be of a femme fatale in a Japanese themed bar- crushing real hearts and playing with fresh meat, and the series after that is going to be with androgynous models, contrasting gender roles, that kind of thing. I suppose this is the first piece. I’ve addressed a lot as quickly as I can, but I hope you can get passionate with me, let me know what you think. I can submit HQ and uncensored with the photos by the way, this is solely how I published it on my personal Instagram.

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