As a kid did u draw and paint a lot? I did! How did you know?:) Drawing and painting was one of the only things I cared aboutas a child. I would lock myself in my bedroom and be drawing, painting, creating for hours.

Which colors were u drawn to?  It's difficult to say. I never really had specific colors that I was drawn to. 

Are you inspired by the golden era of the 80s? Of course. The 80's had some good visual moments that are still seen today from time to time.

Thierry mugler was inspired by comic books as a kid and he created powerful characters as a designer.did u ever find any relation to fiction?and what would that be?
What inspired you the most 15 years ago? Even When you were younger as well?I always loved fiction/fantasy. Basically anythings that didn't exist in real life (fairytales old-school animation, etc) I'm sure At some points I wasinspired by these things. 

Who would you love to see back on the runway and do the make up for his show, Thierry mugler or John Galliano for christian dior?All of the above!:) they are legends! 

What was the creative process for the i-D film? Did you take part of the research of the make up and looks?I had several meetings with the directors and creatives about what I think the looks should be for each character. It was much easier for me to determine those looks once I saw the final casting. It's always a team effort when working on a project like this. For me, I still want to create, however it's especially important to be mindful of the director's vision and help bring it to life so it makes ...

When you feel sad and uninspired, what do you do? Are there like particular thoughts that drive you back to positive thinking , maybe a song or going out somewhere in particular? Inspiration comes in many forms and is very sporadic for me. It all depends on the project at-hand. When I'm commissioned to work on a project that involves creativity, I need a starting point to move forward. Usually on fashion and advertising projects there is a theme which is vital for me to play off of and make proposals. If I feel really stuck, I'll do something like go through old coffee table books or take a visit to a museum or something to get motivation. Creativity is a process.