Ella @elzyella

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words by Ella @elzyella

The youth of today have been able to  become a collection of rule breaking masters. We are not blind to the masks of the modern media, we are not blind to the screens that are put up in front of the issues the previous generation don’t want us to see, or believe. The internet is a sea of opportunity to learn and delve deeper into our strongest views. Discovery of rebels, those who are not held back by the media has created a youth of rule-breakers. We question the rules, the norms, the societal expectations.


The wide variety and spread of our media that coats our everyday lives, can sometimes lead us to be constricted to only the opinions of those in control of our consumption. Media consumption has become a daily activity, giving us even more exposure to the opinions and views of others around the globe. We are not restricted to only our local newspaper any longer. We wake up inhale media, exhale media, inhale, exhale. It is a constant process that is difficult to escape. There is a consistent reminder to us that there is someone better than us, someone we can strive to be, it is pushing the boundaries of regular entertainment. Not only can we aspire to be someone, we can follow their career success path and mimic their life with precision. Or can we?

This mass amount of media that runs in our devices and out into our brains is not always this goal limiting. Due to the pure exposure of opinion, our ideas can be formed from multiple opinions we have read about or learnt from. It can have a huge impact on the way we determine our morals and how we view ourselves. We can look up at an influencer and be influenced, but not to be them. We are influenced to create our own journeys, we are inspired. A realization hits us that we can be whoever we want. We are exposed to so many unique individuals that we finally sit back and realize that we can be our own person. We don’t have to be the movie star or the person on the screen. We can be our own person, growing and learning from those who succeeded only to become more successful than we ever anticipated to be.


It is those with a unique flare and individual style that stand out. The copy cat only sits in the shadows of it’s original piece. If we are stuck behind the bars of everyone else's opinions we cannot be ourselves. We must form ourselves through creativity and personality. Inspiration can only take you to the breaking point of your motivation. You have to carry on the path yourself, build the stepping stones to your goals in a way that is unique to only you. The path of your idol will only limit you further.

So what happens when we finally begin to build our own runway to success? We become new beings, we emerge from our shells. We start over from anything that ever knocked us down. The youths of our today are strong, rebellious, eager to learn. The next generation to come will fight back even stronger, if they can resist the ego-filled motion that is social media. They too shall realize that our world is much more than meets the eye. That there are issues which delve much deeper than the media portrays and filters. The evolving of our culture amongst the active youths will forever improve as time goes on. Our children’s children will be the masters of rebellion. What about the older generations? They won’t be adapted to the new world we live in just yet, but with the power of our youths, the media is soon to change into a world of honesty. We will reincarnate the media. The youths. The world. We need the change in our society. The shake up is wanted urgently.