shocking youth

images from YOUTH , words by GIRL

Shocking, ferocious, graphic, and controversial, but ultimately that is Youth, life is that crazy, it happensto you, your friends, someone you know. 


”Youth is wasted on the young—when the young are hesitant to rise up. The youth doesn't realize the power they have, the importance of their unique voice, in the market, commerce, politics, health care, agriculture, fashion, music, everything. But at the same time, they should be reckless and naive. Experience emotion, failure, loss, empathy and so on. Technology has taken away much of the youth—real life experiences, undocumented, and physical social interactions IRL. But at the end of the day, youth is a state of mind. We should all be disruptive, empathetic and jump in puddles”Kevin Amato


It's the tingle of being at your limits and having that experience be something that makes you feel alive in a way. As much as girls might feel free, alive and empowered by their sexuality, that power can also be taken away any time if they lose consciousness of their own decisions and bodies to addiction or rape. It still feels like most men don’t understand that if a woman is unconscious and a man has sex with her, that's rape. 

“since 2011 reports of rape have risen by 136 percent, and reports of sexual assault have risen by 119 percent in the U.K alone.

  • It's worth noting those numbers relate to incidents where police were notified, not where arrests were made. Although, that period did see arrests for sexual assault rise 66 per cent, and for rape rise 90 per cent. Strikingly only 32 per cent of individuals arrested for suspicions relating to rape were charged. The national conviction rate is around 5.7 percent”  i-D magazine Wendy Syfret 21 july 2016


It is a ferocious battle to love of yourself,  Abuse leads to self-abuse, drug addiction, depression, eating disorders, suicide.

 “I want to kill it before it kills me."  Margaret Cho

It's an unfortunate reality that in our demented world, where one in every three women has been sexually assaulted or otherwise abused during her lifetime, many women still feel too ashamed and afraid to come forward or press charges (and when they do, these cases are notoriously hard to prove). "Don't feel bad" or "don't be hurt" should no longer be valid statements, we should face the emotional stuff that threaten our state of mind everyday, it’s important to start interacting with friends and family about our fears and anxiety, to save ourselves from the pain before it’s out of our control, before the youth within us is wasted on feeling disempowered rather than empowered by support . The like of zines like “Girl Gaze project” are helping women connect to communities and share their own harrowing accounts in the hopes of dismantling rape culture. These fearless girls sharing their stories aren't concerned with the comfort levels of those around them. 

Sometimes we struggle to connect with a handful of empathy-challenged friends, parents, and therapists who simply don't understand the extent of our emotional trauma and simply find it easier to trust girls that has been in the same shoes, walked the same path of shame , self-hatred and blame.

Our hormonal bodies go through rollercoaster rides of emotions, from anger to desire that seems absent at a time like this, I mean how can you look at your reflection and feel anything other than disgust when you feel violated but ultimately you get to understand the power you hold within you and your own personal picture of peace and acceptance molds itself into a bigger resolution of hope and an unshaken faith in yourself. When you learn to contemplate, love , not just accept your naked body , a new world will open up to you, for me , it was the most empowering experience . 


To desire your own body is an empowering tool of self love. 

“The more honest I am about my struggle, the more free I feel”

Maybe we should make our personal our professional and inject our experiences in the work we are passionate about, connect in our experiences the stories that makes us who we are and reflect on others the things we have learned. 

While we live in the age of X-rated oversharing and the XO-Jane-ified confessional essay, there are still societal expectations and imposed guidelines about how women should tell their stories about sad, painful, traumatic things. When women have fought so hard to be perceived and treated as equals with, it can feel shameful to admit weakness or to ask for help. And then there is the fear of being permanently labeled as a "victim" or "the girl who that terrible thing happened to."

Being oppressed means the absence of choices , sharing our stories offers the possibility of global solidarity.