Since middle school i've formed the habit of starting my lazy long day with music right from bed, straight to the toilet to shake my boottayy ...that habit has not been broken has formed into the recreation of self love. how so ? it's all in the dancing and in the process of smiling you unleash so much happiness and arm yourself against any negative energy that might cross your way. 

step 1:stream the playlist below 


The reason i chose these three products is because they allow me to mix up my morning routine and keep it fresh. These two face masks have different results depending on what your skin needs and what you feel like, they are quick and you'll smell great at the end. I have an oily skin , not prone to excessive acne yet i need the daily cleanse to keep my T zone clear from black heads and the often breakout before my period starts. 

step 2:dance

Always keep in mind that the affirmative thoughts affect the way you live, look into the mirror, look into yourself , love your reflection and with time you'll learn to forgive yourself and to be true to who you are. The forgiveness will turn to acceptance and when you dance to the music  you love, in your own naked skin, you have a rebirth of thought, a change of heart...dancing your sorrows away will teach you to love yourself

step 3:get in the shower

fairly traded honey

Showering from the neck below doesn't cut it for me and when the heat hits in the summer , i take 2 to 3 baths and that's why i need a shampoo that will protect and help keep my natural wave as i don't curl or iron my hair and tend to just brush it and that's about it. The great thing about it is that even if you don't shower for three days, your hair will stay fresh, soft and untangled. 



step 4: don't look at me

What feels like a crossover between an exfoliator/face mask for a deep cleanse that will brighten your skin from the first use and the more you use it, the difference and change in your pores will be visible as they get smaller and less prone for breakout. 

P.S:store in fridge 

The birth of venus 

I know how busy mornings can be and as i mentioned above , you can either use the exfoliator don't look at me or THE BIRTH OF VENUS instead the next day.  I enjoy working with my hands and this is my new favorite face mask as i really love the process. At first i was like, hum how do i use this!! then i read the "How to use: Pinch off some jelly, work between dry hands to form a paste and apply on the skin. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse clean." and i was surprised at how fun and soft it felt to apply it on my skin, i've never felt this smoothness as i applied it because of it's jelly texture and after i rinsed my skin, the magic was real. 

step 5:breakfast

most important meal of the day , eat something as you wait for 15 min as you cleanse yourself. I try to think of what color or mood i'd like to style myself with the night before to save time and make sure i eat a balanced meal as i like to cook something quick as it is one of my favorite things to do that puts a smile on my face, it could be a quick vegetarian pancake recipe or a sunny side up with a new twist of veggies...just make sure you leave the house with a smile in your tummy, face and mind.