Mario Badescu

PM routine

Night Time routine that you can mix up and switch to become your morning routine , here's how i mixed it up

  1. enzyme cleaning gel
  2. botanical exfoliating scrub
  3. facial spray of fresh mix of Aloe, chamomile and lavender
  4. later at night, an hour before bed...apply a few drops of rose hips nourishing oil , gently massage it to your face.


ig: @mariobadescu

I start my morning like most people , with a cup of coffee and a door bell from the mail man , he's angry most times , i am not sure why... three days ago i received my package from Mario Badescu and i was a happy little girl. 

Time to unbox 

My combo oily skin is smiling from within , knowing it's ready to be pampered. Just out of the box ,into the bathroom.

  1. wash your face, apply a chickpea size of enzyme cleansing gel and rub gently, i usually do it for 2-3minutes, i like to really get in deep in there. 
  2. Time for super collagen mask and some emails.
  3. a new twist of moisturizing exfoliation for your skin that i really enjoyed, almond & honey face scrub you apply it the same way you do with a face mask and leave it on for 15minutes , that's my go to timing if i am staying home and i'm free to pamper myself.
  4. by the time i was done with these steps i was making a second cup of coffee because i was in an expetional mood that morning and ended up feeling even more fresh after a few spritz of Infused Lavender Oil and antioxidant Vitamin C facial spray.


What i enjoyed the most is that with every step my skin felt softer and brighter instantly and together this combo worked beautifully on my skin, leaving it as soft as a baby's bum. 

Not every morning is an easy one and if i had to pick quicker steps this would be it:

  1. your first step is obvious : enzyme cleansing gel
  2. almond & honey face scrub , because of it's consistency it's easier and quicker to apply, leave it on for 7 minutes
  3. freshness on the go : facial spray with Aloe, chamomile and lavender


I simply can't recommend The Drying Lotion in the photo above more , it is a miracle worker on red spots and acne. Don't shake the bottle and simply dunk a cotton cue tip, apply a small amount to the area. It will be burn for a few minutes but it's totally worth it, it's a good routine to abide to every night for a quicker result (leave it on til you're ready to apply your night cream)