David Collier photography 


anyone can clearly see how inspired you are by the 70s, do you play any instrument? 

I mess around with electric guitar here and there. I own a cream colored Fender Stratocaster.

if you can go back in time, which band would you like to go on tour with?

Undoubtedly it would be the Doors.

would you prefer to read Jack Kerouac or live the life of “on the road”, who would you take along with you on a road trip?

I’d much rather live life on the road. It would make life simple and beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could just pack up a few of my things and travel around without any worries. I’m not sure whom I would take on the road trip but if I were to choose someone dead or alive I would choose Marc Bolan. If you mean somebody now, I would take my best friend Emma.

David bowie or The Rolling stones?

Difficult decision to make but I will have to go with the Rolling Stones and only because of the fact that I have not gotten much into Bowie. I honestly do not know a lot of Bowie’s music but I do appreciate it, he was a genius. I will start getting into Bowie soon enough, right now I’m in a Pink Floyd listening period. When I listen to bands that I do not know too well I go through practically every album and listen over and over to them again. I also like to read about the bands I’m listening to and watch interviews. It just is more interesting to listen to music and know a bit behind the meaning and all. The Rolling Stones are my favorite band as well so I would have to pick them.    

When you first decided to study film, did your family support you ? and how far do you think can the new generation of youth benefit from   a supportive environment , do you believe it would cause less stress and depression ? 

In retrospect, my family has always been quite supportive of me. They’re lovely and I feel as though anything I would do they would be supportive of. By all means a non-supportive environment would cause stress and depression upon an individual. Having a supportive environment is substantial to the new generation of youth. I feel as though when people put down youth then it’s more likely to have a larger impact then on an adult. Teenagers think different then adults and are more affected by other’s opinions and can easily be mentally impacted from these things. I think the most brilliant ideas come from youth today and that is why they need a supportive environment. When you’re younger you have a creative mind that seems endless and if it is shut down then it can completely change a person.   

Story telling and film making is one of the most intricate industries in the world, that can reach millions , how can you inspire a change as a girl ? 

I think to inspire change as a girl in today’s industry I need to be unapologetic and not affected by the way others may want me to be. A lot of the time there is hatred from girl to girl and I think that in order to create change, women need to stick together and bring each other up rather then seeing other women as competition. We need to support each other as girls and that can have such a huge impact on the industry.