how to find your inspiration

Un Petit dejeuner 🍏don't forget to dream! 📸@girlisherself


1.always find ways to motivate yourself , through articles in magazines you love. When ever I feel hesitant about where my future is heading I ask myself the same questions:

is someone noticing my efforts? Am I creating change? Am I inspiring ? 


2.reading about other people you admire and their journey"if they can do it , I can do it" , that always seems to do the trick for me, it motivates me endlessly.

3.when you're feeling down , don't spend more than 30min with your face turned upside down. 30 minutes is enough to relax yet not long enough to loose track of time and spend the whole day feeling depressed or unlucky 


4.surround yourself with what you love. On my bedroom wall , I have created a huge moodboard with photos that inspire me from the first Volume I created for GIRL. What it does is that :  

•reminds me of all the hard work I put into it, that I DID IT and I can do it no matter how tough it gets.  

•looking at photos I love , my mind and heart move together as one , it pushes me out of the bed to create. 



5.unfollow people that bother you on Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes I get to know people a little on dm and they turn out to be great artists but terrible human beings , so I unfollow because the sight of their work gets on my nerves...I love kindness in people more than I love art.



there's no escape in in and without it my world doesn't go round. Maybe you don't have the time to download music all the time or you can't afford to buy in from Apple , no problem, YouTube is full of new artists, , especially on VEVO , everyday there is a number of new videos , either to inspire you with the art direction or the music itself. 

Another great recommendation would be BBC radio 1 , they have great covers


7.don't share your plans with people that doubt you , that's the worse thing you can do  

8.take time to relax in the morning and in the afternoon, read a book , go for a walk, go to your favorite vintage shop, take a camera with you.  


9.find at least one person to love , a friend to trust , someone to rely on and if you don't have that , I am ready to answer your questions on the Tumblr page dedicated just for that. You can check it out here