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Italian Photographer Raffaele Marone @raffomarone

how many passport stamps do you think you have ? where haven’t you been yet ?

good question. I can not tell you why because I don't remember, surely many, in recent years I traveled a lot.There are so many places I have not visited yet, I would love to go to Colombia, I love South America. Climate, people, I feel like home. My beautiful Naples.

the craziest adventure you’ve been on ? The most crazy shooting was in Phuket, Thailand. I worked on so many small islands and I had a lot of fun. The beauty of those beaches and uncontaminated nature I will never forget it. I remember the beach of the monkeys, beautiful with a transparent water. The only problem was the monkeys living there, small and crazy, stealing the food and chasing the model. too funny.
I love to dive and in Phuket I found so many high points to do it. BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE.

ever feel like you’re falling in love with your models ? Yes, I've been in love with a model.
We've been together for almost one year but I do not want to talk about it.
Surely it was my most important story.

who are the photographers that inspire your photography? I love Helmut Newton, Bruce Weber and Hedi Slimane's photographs.Different but unique styles. I'm inspired by what I live and what I see every day. I'm inspired by the woman's beauty.

some brands are paying photographers with exposure rather than with an actual fee, what do you think about that? It depends. If Louis Vuitton calls a photographer to work but without the fee, it could be a great opportunity. But this never happens with the big brands.
I think there are so many young photographers who want to emerge and many brands take advantage of them. A commercial job must be paid.

favorite pizzaria in Italy? I'm from Naples in south italy.
The city where the pizza was born. There are at least one million pizzerias and many of these are very good.The best for me are SORBILLO and MICHELE. Those pizzas are POETRY.

dream model to shoot with ? My dream is kate moss. Do I have to add more?

film or digital photography? digital

what’s your go to move to get a girl to like you and go out with you on a date?we all watch romantic comedies and the guys always asks the attractive most beautiful girl out but in life , it barely ever happens, are men afraid of being shut down? 

 "If you go out with me I'll take you photos". Ahaahah is not true of course.
No particular move. If I like her, I invite her to go out . immediately.
If I want to make her fall in love, I bring her to Naples. The most romantic place in the world. Do you want to come to Naples with me? only pizza, sexand rock and roll :P