lost for words

"Lost for Words" is inspired by the model I was working with, Kaori Hizume, who was visiting Seoul from Japan. I wanted to convey words that existed only in Japanese, but that didn't have equivalents in other languages, and distill them into images. 

Since in Seoul the seasons change so constantly, I chose to go in the direction of words that highlighted nature. These included: mono no aware (bittersweetness of transcendent beauty), fuubutsushi (the sense of a particular season--like leaves in the fall and cherry blossoms in spring), ukiyo (the floating world), and komorebi (sunlight through the leaves of a tree). 

The styling features handmade pieces by my friend, Jo Park, a Korean-Chilean embroidery artist. 

Photography: Kel Belter @bybelter

Model: Kaori Hizume @kaorihizume

Styling: Jo Park @personabyjo