Photographer Anastacia Belyaeva @phbelyaeva

Make Up Artist Maria Yakovleva @everydaydeath

Model & styling Michelle Olovyanishnikova  @amrita_madhuri

Clothes SVARKA  @svarka_svarka, NINA ALBU  @ninaalbu Accessories @l00kaut @yauzastore (YAUZA.STORE) Location Coworking club DominiQ @dominiqbeauty "



IMG_9014 copy.jpg

ideal lovers

Amy Hibbard @amyhibbardphoto

Models; Jada Sezer @jadasezer 

Paige Mary Grace @paigemarygrace 

Hair and Make up; Kaori harigae @kaoriharigae


Street Savage

Photography & styling Stepahine Cassano @akidwithideas

wardrobe Global Vintage @globalvintagecollective

jewelry Millie Savage @milliesavage_

make up Analycethomas

model Sophia Barrett @sophiabarrett


Lensed by Caren Detje @carendetje

Styling: Julia May-Yen instagram  @juliamayyenwu

Hair & Makeup: Francesca Vigliarolo
@francescamariaconcetta @agency_bigoudi

Model: Mathilda Mora @ PMA Models  pma_models 

Creative direction and photographer:Roxy Herve @roxy.herve

Girl with short hair : Kasumi Saito @punsumi

Japanese long hair girl :Chihiro Meifuku @chihiromaifuku

Blondish girl : Alexandrina Martin @andrinamartin_

Knitted bathing suits / designer :Veva Van Der Wolf @veva_van_der_wolf


The surreal video describe how the women's power should be stimulated by the mental and phisical training exercise, played by this unique italian performer. Performance by Maria Agatiello Art direction and photography, Carolina Amoretti directed by Alvino Spazio set design by Virginia Guiotto sound by Jim Nedd

Fantabody is a bodysuit brand born with the aim of creating a product for all women who are not afraid to show their body, but that they want to enhance it with personality and unique pieces, to the rhythm of our motto "Be the girl you wanna be." Focal point of Fantabody collections is precisely the body, which we used for the extreme versatility, from the beach to the gym, used as top, by day and on the dancefloor on Saturday night. 

Fantabody supports the unconventional beauties and motivates girls to believe in herself.


VRC is a new independent brand born and raised in Milan.

The project started in 2015 from a young emerging designer who wanted to create sartorial clothes using a charming and unexpected material: Latex.

All VRC Latex garments, made also by measurements, are designed and handmade by the same founder Francesca. The artisan brand brings a new colourfull and funny perspective to the classic sartorial imaginarium, dressing every size and shape of women bodies. The Milanese brand is now expanding to Male Apparel and it will open its online shop soon. 

The performer is @maria_agatiello

video by  @Alvinsonic @carolina_amoretti

music by @jim_nedd



lensed by @manbrandler

creative director & stylist @ulygold

#girlisherself @zdaaank

mua @thesheenashow



Photos :

Video : JF&DA-MUA : @theglamclubparis

models @louvedudiable & @rey_ki

@bettinananasss & Paul @telunesirene

 @imfrijol & @noe.lefo @rayamartigny & @commledernier @jonnyfoulecafard & @ifkhy Text by Charlotte Saric


Orgasm at 20 yo


Whispers between four walls, pleasure sighs.

Lock up yourself in a room is gaining freedom. Locking doors is opening pores, singing celebration.

I am a man, you are a woman, I could be a woman and you a man, we both could be women, men, we could be alone, we could be several.

We are not a couple. And this is disturbing. We are Fides, Emma, Raya, Victor, Paul, Bettina, Jordan, Jonas, Frida, Noe... We are also Charlie, Liam, Oscar, Isla, we are Liberty leading our bodies , we are stimulation of the senses, we are a new generation made of wet dreams.

We are skins that are making echo, sheets get creased by our bodies, we are desire. 

We want pleasure.

Daria Amaranth 3.jpg

holding me down

photographer, art director, stylist

Daria Amaranth @daria_amaranth

model: Tatiana Belkina @tanya_belkina 



Lensed & styled by @casiewndl 

modeling & styling @abreahh

mua @danielleyayalaa

2-2 2.jpg

something extraordinary

Lensed by Ibrahim Elhinaid @elhinaid

#girlisherself Camille Bourrat @caml.b from @apparencelyon

stylist Jordan Doucet @Jordandct

HMUA Maud Combrichon @maudmakeupartist

120mm Femme Power -7-2.jpg

all things women

lensed by Gabriella Achadinha  


Zoya Pon [Asian Woman] @zoyalaken

Maureen [Elderly Woman]

Daniella Kasongo [Girl Child]

Ceena & Gabe [Mother & Son] @ceenagirl 

Styling | Angelica Shand @bellasinchina

'The series came about as a discussion on all things womxn. The different phases we go through, the stereotypes we rebel against, the limitations of societal standards imposed upon us. For this series, I wanted to explore womxn who are firstly, very different from on another but secondly, share a common thread of strength and subsequent beauty in that strength. 

Daniella, a young girl talks animatedly about all her dreams and favourite activities - ice-skating, by the way - and in her, I see myself. A young girl moving forward with speed and no limitations, the lack of self-consciousness, that innocence in childhood. On the opposite spectrum, I shot with Maureen who tells all the stories of a very vibrant past - from traveling all over the world to being a ballroom dance champion in her 20's - and now being in her 90's, all that she's learnt and loved. 

Ceena and Gabe, mother and child, are both striking - he's all wide-eyes and curiosity, she's all wisdom and calm. 

Watching her breastfeed him, in designer wear, cuts a very interesting image.

Removed from the virginal Mother trope - Ceena is sensual, individualistic - a mother, but not confined just to mother. 

Zoya sits between two topless men. The one, a Caucasian male, eats seductively from a bowl of noodles. 

Eyes turned upwards, she represents the annoyed reaction to a pop culture phenomenon that's created a very bizarre fetishization of the Asian female representation. Often depicted with seafood, noodle bowls or other culinary items - the Asian woman is too often shown as an overtly sexualized womxn. The image aims to reverse the trope, highlighting its strangeness, via the use of a male being put in that position. 

All these womxn, albeit in different stages and from different cultures, share the same theme of owning their body and space - reinstating their beauty in their own unique way'

lc1 (4).jpg

lost within

photographer, art director, stylist

Daria Amaranth @daria_amaranth

@lilith_ardath Markova @by_redselena


The Snow Maiden

Art director, Photographer, Stylist, MUAH: Natalia Samoilova @samoilova_net

Model Anna Dondik from @nagornymodels

Assistent: Lidia Kovaleva @kovaleva_lidiia

Garments: Maison Margieal, Marion Donaldson, PULL&BEAR, C&A, Marni, Dolce&Gabbana, Tu, Ruxara. 

Shoes: Stivali

3 2.JPG

all we need

Lensed by Reka Liziczai @irekaphotography

#girlisherself @flamingloria @visagemodelshungary

styling Reka Tomasovszki @tomasovszki.reka

MUA Gloria Hortvath 

hair Krisztinan Hevesi @krisztian.h HAVE salon



MODEL: @tereartigas

MAKE UP: @candecarellomakeup

ART: @beluburbuja

PHOTO & ART DIRECTION: @matiassaurit

"La vida en su temprana edad es acompañada por momentos de diversas características que te aportan de un crecimiento tanto social como personal." Pero el individuo que debe preparase para comenzar su vida dentro del sistema, Sigue cegado.Preparase para vivir las estructuras de este enjambre que deja los caminos viscosos generando trabas innecesarias? Personalmente no comparto. Propongo…Que la nueva generación tiene que dedicar su tiempo a lo que realmente lo llena.Hace lo que realmente a VOS TE GUSTE. Si al final, estas solo vos en esta esfera.Es clave rodearte de buenas personas para poder sentirte a gusto en tu corta vida tanto laboral, como social. Disfrutala; que el tiempo en este cronometro corre a velocidades cada vez mas rápidas! 

Chau !



Lensed by Katja Stuckrath @Katja Stuckrath

models Annika Stuckrath & Olivia Ferrero

style: the photographer's mother's and grandmother's wedding dress

Location Rada Tilly, Chubut, Argentina


Love myself 


Lensed by @carinaallen

MUA @michellereda HAIR @_beautycrazed_

Also various brands featured in the series @husch.intimates @diamondvalentineintimates @lovelornlingerie @negativehearts @wolfbanesintimates @shopnin3