between two girls

zara king photography

The taboo around two girls being totally naked together for no particular reason , being nude or dressed shouldn't make a difference, it shouldn't let you worry about someone walking into your room, you shouldn't be judged, friendship is beyond the physicality of things and sex. I remember when I was 7 and i had a friend that i spend most of my everyday with for a few  years, I used to shower while she sat on the side of the tub, legs out, still dressed, to keep me company , we would laugh and sprinkle each other with water, fill the sink with shampoo and blow bubbles with long pink straws and in the summer, after a long day out in the sun, we would take baths in the cabin at the same time just because it's faster that way. Why does things change? Is it because our bodies grow bigger? longer legs, pubic hair, rounder breasts, is it all that? maybe it's the insecurity, because I can recall how things changed between me and this girl, she was always asking me why i LOOK DIFFERENT THAN HER and it made me uncomfortable, i started feeling the jealousy from her part and the single showers came next while she waited outside. Being naked should empower you and feed your soul as a human and artist, everyday look at the mirror, look at your friends and the people you love with good thoughts rather than judgement and when someone trusts you with their naked heart and body, don't take it lightly , it can be both hard but so easy if just love with your heart and not your eyes.