disaster scenario

lensed by Katja Stückrath

Make Up Artist and Hair: Grace Ellington 

Model: Florence from Linden Staub

Special thanks to the following brands: 

AYNOTDEAD, Nike, Rockit London, Forever 21.

what do you think is the importance behind the female lens? 

I think that it really doesn't matter but i believe honesty is the most important ... There are a few male photographers who have a "female" way to see the world and i'm really okay with that.
It's usually true that a female photographer can portray girls in a different way than boys but it doesn't make it better, it's just different when girls work together. 

what do you project with your work , what is the message? do you reflect yourself through what you do mainly and hope to inspire others by being honest? 

I try to show a person with my photos, the person I meet instantly whenever i'm about to do a photoshoot. I talk to them before, ask them what do they do, what they like, how they take their coffee (if they do). I want them to be open with me. My models are my dolls for the time i'm shooting them but I really want to show the essence of the person. Maybe a gesture or a mood through colors and lighting, because they transmit something to me and that's what I try to show.
I don't know yet what's my "message" in my work but all I know is that I try to transmit the love and passion that I feel each time i'm working... what I really feel honestly.

 I was born in a little village called Rada Tilly, in the South of Argentina. My beginnings in photography was asking people who were, in some way, interesting to me from my town. I had an idea (most of the time inspired by some movie) and tried to do a photoshoot with that girl or boy all dolled up. They weren't models and I didn't care about that. 
I still work with people who are not proper models but I think that's super interesting too. To be honest, working with models is easier for the Photographer because most of the time, they know what they have to do or how to pose. However, I try to take them out of the typical model pose or photos they do. I like them to be different. 

when you first started shooting , was it hard to get in contact with modeling agencies and get a team to work with you? 

When I moved to Buenos Aires to study, I asked one girl  that  was signed with an Agency, we did the photoshoot and after that, the Agency sent me a few girls to do some Test Shoots. That's how I started, the rest of the models and agencies started to write me after that.
If I'm traveling outside my country, I try to send my portfolio to agencies and let them know that I'm in town and that I would love to test some models or that I have an idea and need models. 
This was Florence's case, she is from Linden Staub in London.

what’s your favorite thing to do if you are a having a bad day to cheer up? Every time i'm having a bad day I try to meet with friends and have a big cup of coffee or go to the cinema. And If I am by myself, I listen to happy songs, prepare a tasty meal and watch a movie at my house. 

favorite quote by a woman ? I have a lot of quotes I like, but, one of my faves is: “I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, and how you talk. Your smile and your personality. What you believe in, and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea. How you decorate your home. Or party. Your grocery list. The food you make. How your writing looks. And the way you feel. Life is art.” by Helena Bonham Carter