hollow heart

Allowing the fear of love to kill, steal and destroy 

The city is cold

A hollow heart hoots

In agony 

Of her missing remedy

Just a hurricane of thoughts, a puddle of sorrows and a river of tears 

She tears apart

It used to be us young to old

So the fairytale told

Of the fantasy of glee 

For it was You and me

Me and you 

Us, we , two, three

Running round this crazy city 

Dissolving into the night

Comforted by the moon and the nightlight

The winter wind whispers into our ears 

Goosebumps appear

goosebumps goosebumps travis Scott's hit song rips through the silent atmosphere ...

It was us dear

Swimming through this love here

Was what the painting seemed to appear 

To be

But Let silence sing her song 

Ask why the eerie melody dims her whispers

Just listen to the hurt all around

She broke the heart that made her love 

She loved when she loss 

But partial fraction played the game 

Miscommunication was to be blamed

Prior to the emptiness obtained 

It was all a perfect frame

Yet it wasn’t maintained

The demons inside were not tamed

Assumptions was her name

Fire is what it became

But I miss calling your name

A Basic surname

But we were oblivious that this was the pregame

Forgetting that milk and honey would be reclaimed

After we accepted and stopped the blame

But its halftime and the forfeit was exclaimed 

That was the end of bonnie and Clyde. I hope your heart softens. 

Even though we didn’t work out together, you’ll always be my sunset. X Oli 

Photography,designer of clothes and MUA: Nhu Chau 

GIRL @__s.e.r 

photographers @nhu_chau 

clothing line @renu.thelabel