unapologetically fat

photographer and stylist Megan Ashcroft @m.ashcroft_

#GIRL Sammy Lee @sammylee1996

do you love yourself?

I do, I truly do. It has been a long time in the making but i appreciate and love my body. People are too afraid to stand up and say 'I'm beautiful' for fear it will seem egotistic! I look at myself every day and say I love my body and no one can change that. I find it crazy how people can be in a constant thought loop of 'i want to look like her, she looks so good, why do i look like this?' It makes me truly sad. I have too many friends who are ashamed of their bodies and i just want to say to them 'love yourself'


what do you think you need to do to forgive yourself and have a full life? 

I think so. I think too much about what i'm saying to others in case they find it offensive. i'm always watching their body language and analyzing them, i think its because i'm a little over sensitive myself so i assume others are.  I'm always stuck on the bad not the good. always wondering if others are thinking negatively about me and i wonder should i change myself to suit others so i can be a bit more in the shadows because being a big person can draw some attention. I get angry though, why do i think that? i'm surrounded by people who love me for me so i don't have to change at all. so yes i need to start to having a full life and maybe forgive myself because i'm not a bad person.


inspiring music ? 

I like such a mixture of music but for me when i need a little boost i listen to Norwegian singer Aurora. Her songs are so powerful and her voice is strong and pure. I love old songs too like Etta James- At last, Aretha Franklin- One step ahead and Ben E. King- Stand by me. They're such beautiful songs I have them on repeat right now. Oh and Cat powers voice is my night nurse. 


do you sleep well at night or do you think of the same thing over and over ? 

I'm known to be a bit of an over thinker however before bed i dedicate some time to organising my life with my mental diary and to be honest I get quite a bit done in that 10 minutes before bed. If I drift off peacefully I know i'm organised and have no worries however if i'm restless I definitely have some things in life to sort. 


what is your message ? 

I want to shed some light on fat babes and say yes they are fat, get over it. I follow a great fat community on twitter who are so supportive and I want other beautiful fat babes to know you don't have to hide yourself. The world is changing and i want the views that fat people are disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves to be gone. I want to photograph these ladies in all their glory and I want them to see how amazing they are, because they are. 


Give a stranger a smile if they need one.