When you’re a millennial but also a nature girl

When you’re a millennial but also a nature girl – 


My woman crush Wednesday is always mother earth. There is no better rush than sunshine in my veins….I explain in 140 characters or less. I hike to the highest peak in Utah and when I get to the top, I sit down and listen to Drake because I love Drake. Drake is BAE. Utah is BAE. Utah is #beautiful and I live to explore it. I ask Siri about the best kind of bug repellant that doesn’t contain deet . I try and try and try to take pictures of the midnight mountain stars, but it never comes out right, so I leave it in my brain, where it burns a green hole for the rest of my life. I quote Gucci Mane in an instagram post of myself next to the most beautiful crystalline lake and it’s low key pretty deep. My boyfriend and I both have red sleeping bags because sleeping bag colors are gender neutral and I’m not really a pink kinda girl. Hashtag All Bags Matter! That was funny, I’m gonna tweet that. I say things like “tbh” IRL. Like when I’m breathless and sweaty, pushing my legs up 2 miles of incline and I’m like “tbh….need water.” I’m literally dying but I’m actually literallyyy so alive with the refreshment of mountain air. I’ve learned to love the Dreamworks moon more than the full moon. And if you’re a millennial too, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I planted flowers today and named them after Harry Potter characters. I have, many times, in the exhilaration and idolatry of the wilderness tweeted simply “ NATURE >>> “ and you can feel my lust through the caps lock. I bring my phone to campouts because I fucking love to document those sparkling fireside moments when my heart meets my brain and they fuck in the bed of my soul and I want for nothing. I want nothing!

 I am nothing when I’m nestled between the Grand Tetons. Nothing but a 25 year old little girl standing in amazement and frantically writing poems into her phone. Writing prayers to the gawds of the peaks and the plants and the pines. I AM RAP GAME JOHN MUiR iN MY VER$ACE CHACOS. I get ideas for my next adventure from @travelbabes on Insta. I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed and it really inspired me, so I write a blog post about it and hate on people who only saw the movie. I go to Sasquatch Music fest half to see Major Lazer and half to sit in such close proximity to the bone-thickening beauty of The Gorge. I dance to Disclosure while metaphorically grinding on The Gorge. I twerk all over The Gorge. I love The Gorge. I tweet #freethenipple as I take my clothes off and jump into the lake, smiling to myself because tbh my nipples have always been free. I post the family-friendly photos to facebook, I post the most *aesthetic* photo to Insta, and I post the naked, debaucherous and beautifully inappropriate pics to my Tumblr because my parents don’t know about Tumblr (yet). Sometimes I pick up a disposable camera so my pics have a more vintage feel. And by vintage I mean the 90’s. Once on a long strenuous hike, my boyfriend and I spoke the lyrics to Kanye West’s “Goldigger” back and forth, word by word, to keep us going. And it worked. Once, I stood on the top of a cliff, while a group of friends stood cheering for me to jump into the water 90 ft below. I saw the depth below me, I was scared, I hated myself for being scared. They counted down from ten and I still didn’t jump on one. I didn’t jump until somebody said YOLO and I thought “you’re right – YOLO!!!” And I free fell into the cold green water with my eyes wide open and my phone in my hand. Oops!


words by @a_ahlz