cyber sky

I would really love to know about your memories related to music? 

I am never not listening to music. I listen to songs that reflect my mood. It doesn't matter what everyone else is listening to, whether it's popular, cool, from America, or what. Honestly, the music I listen to is random as fuck. When I'm DJing, I mix everything. From techno, to pop, to disco, to 80's, to Soundcloud future bass, it really doesn't matter. If it sounds good and fits my mood, I will play it. 

How you approach it and the way it describes you? 

I see everything as a metaphor. From a very young age, I have been a poet. I won a radio station writing contest at age 5, and was writing poetry at an adult level at age 13. I like to think of all of the songs that I DJ, write, and perform as metaphors. They are all a reflection, either of myself, society, or both. I think that music is magic. I think that if music has the right message, we can change the world. 


Most importantly, how did it cure your depression? I really want to help girls get rid of their pain and stay focused on their dreams.

While at university, I found it very difficult to find other people to relate to. When I did find people I could relate to, they were oftentimes out of my reach because they lived somewhere else or they were much older. I was very lonely but had to put on a facade that I wasn't because I was in a sorority and always held up to very high standards both at home and among my friends. I have always been somewhat unhappy, I think because I see the world how it is and not how the media makes it out to be. And honestly the world is not a pretty place, especially if you are a woman minority from two oppressed cultures (my father is of Irish and Polish/Jewish descent - my ancestors were killed in the Holocaust, and my mother is Filipina-American). I have always listened to music to make myself feel better. I have trouble keeping roommates because I literally blast music that reflects my mood at all times. I always have two sets of headphones with me, ear buds and over-ear headphones, so that I can listen on-the-go if I'm not at home.When I moved to LA, I discovered that I can put my poetic words to images and sounds. I was lucky enough to meet amazing producers who are able to help me create the Princess Cyberspace character. I do all of the marketing and writing by myself, yes, but the producers are a big part of it as well. When I learned how to DJ, though, that is when I really felt fulfilled. After a set, my friends say, "I have never seen you glowing like this!" I think when you do something that makes you glow, and really amplifies your aura, that is the right thing for you to do. 

I was raised to think I was going to go to school, get a business degree, and have a normal office job. It is that predetermined set up and system that contributed to my depression. Through this oppression, though, music set me free. I want to use music to set other people free. If you work hard every day and think positively and surround yourself with the right people, I truly think you can find what sets you free. You just have to believe in yourself. 


Photographer: Dom Wise - - IG: (@domoftheyear)

Model: Rebecca L’Amore - - IG: (@princesscyberspace)

Hair & makeup artist: Britt Kaye - - IG: (@britt.kaye)

T-shirt Designer: Dakkar - - IG: (@dakkarstudios)

Sunglasses: Vintage 80s Emmanuelle Khanh

Heels: BooHoo - - IG: @BooHoo

Shearling: American vintage 

Cream Jacket: Vintage from Melrose trading post 

Lace tights: American Apparel 

Boots: Zara