emily krouse


Love , is it obsession? 

True love is not an obsession, unhealthy co dependent love can turn into obsession. When you truly love someone for who they are you except them fully, there’s trust, inspiration, friendship, and respect. That person that you love is your best friend first and foremost. 

Can desire manipulate real emotion and keep you in the wrong relationship?

I have been in relationships where my desire for that person has left me blind sited to who they really are as a person. Letting desire blind side your true judgment of that person can cause you to loose site of who you are as your own individual self. Causing you to compromise yourself, which is unhealthy.


What was the one kiss that took you by surprise?

I would say I have had many kisses that took me by surprise. Mostly from people I considered friends, but they considered me more. It felt forced on me like I owed them more than friendship because they liked me more than a friend. It left me feeling used.


Perfect playlist to undress to?

I feel empowered and sexy in my own skin when I am listening to powerful female artists that love themselves, and promote body positive messages in their music. 

Perfect wardrobe for a date?

On a date I like to feel myself, and by feeling myself I like to dress in a comfortable, gender neutral way. I don’t identify as a girly/feminine woman. I like to wear jeans and a T shirt. I want my personality to be what stands out. 

What do you think is empowering about a girl’s own naked body?

What is empowering about a woman’s own naked body is the pride in being in your own skin. Owning your curves, your stretch marks, your strength, etc. Our body is the house we live in for the rest of our lives, being naked is the most beautiful truest form of yourself. Learning to love and accept yourself and love the skin you’re in is the most empowering feeling in the world. Women’s bodies are so powerful; we literally can create human life. We are all mother earth.

Do you know what it feels like to be loved? 

I have never known what it was like to be loved by a man until this year. I have always been in abusive relationships where I felt like a servant, or that I was there purely to please whomever I was with. I have found a selfless love for the first time in my life. I would say that this is the first time that I have felt love that makes me feel safe and home whenever I am with my partner. 

Who is the one person that made an impact to your life and you wish you’d have back? 

I wouldn’t say that anyone has impacted my life in a positive way that I wish I would have back in my life. And I’m saying this about past friends or partners. I don’t regret who I have chosen into my life because through them I have learned what I deserve and how I want to be treated. I feel many improvements have been made in who I choose to let into my heart, and I am happy about my self love, and my choice in who I choose to spend my time with.