i am curve

I AM CURVE is a project that aims to highlight the lack of diversity of curve models in Scotland. The project aims to bridge the gap between straight/curve models and to raise awareness of other projects that are doing the same. Founded by Morgan Ruth McTiernan in 2016, I AM CURVE takes the form of an article and an editorial that calls for change. 

Morgan is a curve model and writer currently signed and based in Glasgow. Even though Morgan was signed as a curve model she was still focused on being a smaller size as she believed that would make her successful in Scotland. There were no other models in Scotland her size and for a long time she had an unhealthy relationship with her body, restricting herself in order to be a certain weight. This desire to become a smaller size developed for no particular reason other than being surrounded by unrealistic standards of beauty and striving to obtain perfection. 

Morgan calls on Scotland to showcase more diversity. 

"There are curve models out there, some signed, however little you see them. The work is non-existent and I have not yet seen a campaign in Scotland feature curve models. I have had photographers decline to work with me due my hip size. I have attended castings and been asked to try the sample clothes that are only ever a size 8. I was once put forward for lingerie casting for a popular retailer as the client wanted a model with a fuller chest. The client knew my measurements, however when I arrived my lingerie size was not there. I had to squeeze myself into size 8 lingerie and of course I would not book the job as the fit was unflattering. I was walking in a fashion show and the designer did not have the right clothes for me. I was embarrassed and the designer had to go back to her studio and pick up larger sizes. As I began to develop my book I reached out to bigger agencies in Scotland and was told on one occasion by a booker: “You do know that we sign girls that are aged 18 and have 34′′ hips.” What upset me about this was not the fact I did not have 34′′ hips, but the attitude of the industry towards models beyond a 34′′ measurement. We are not accepted." 

"I started to think: if I didn’t model, would I have had such an unhealthy view of my body? The answer is no. It doesn’t matter that I am model; we are surrounded by fabricated, unachievable images lacking in diversity, on a daily basis. The call of action is to help change this, help the generation of today and tomorrow appreciate and accept different varieties of beauty." 

I AM CURVE was published front page and as a double page spread in the Daily Record. Morgan has been interviewed by STV Glasgow, BBC Radio Scotland and other media outlets telling her story. 

The next step to I AM CURVE is a lingerie editorial that will start a body revolution. The shoot features a Scottish lingerie designer, Serène Intimates, photographer, Clare Coulter and makeup artist, Alice Martin. Quotes made by the public in response to I AM CURVE are inscribed across selected images to personify society’s agreement for diversity of body types in modelling.. A preview interview can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7sLw5pYZlM 

Morgan uses her Instagram @morganruthmctiernan to promote body positivity and has a growing following. For more information please contact Morgan at morganruthmct@gmail.com and visit www.iamcurve.com to find out more. 

Share the story. Be a part of the body revolution. I am curve. Accept me. 




Photographer: Clare Coulter @clarerobertson88

MUA/Hair: Alice Martin @alicemartinmakeup

Designer: SERÈNE Intimates @sereneintimates 

Model; Morgan McTiernan @morganruthmctiernan