10 days in italy

GIRL @Rexxiana Photography@Xabier_perez


“ITALY      (from 2nd to 13th of June, 2017)


I write this kind of diary, or small memories notebook, to remember somehow, and at the same time digest all I have done in these last 10 days in Italy, since I don´t trust too much in my memories; and even when they seem impossible to forget, I know for self experience that over time they become diffuse and remote.


I write to remember, or not to forget; to refresh my memory now and then; to tray to get back somehow, for a brief moment, to Pistoia, Venice, Florenece and all the places I´ve been. To see again the sun shining in those streets, smell them, listen to all the sounds and musics that were there ( that are there), and to feel, or at least try to, the same I´ve felt staying here, and leaving this place.


the trip started a long time before I flew on my way to Venice: when the 2017th started, Ainara, my loved, had the opportunity to go work to Italy for a couple moths between April and June, so right there we started planing that maybe, it would be possible to go visit her at the end of my school years (about beginning of June). somehow, some friends or maybe Ainara sent me an offer of a plane from Spain direct to Venice for 5€, the 2nd of June, and of course, I bought it right there.  (a few days later I would buy the return flight for about 50€ direct to Spain, for the 13th of June. I´ll go with just a backpack, a Nikon F3 and a bunch of film rolls for the whole trip. 


with the tickets bought, we planned to stay the first three days in Venice, and then go to Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Cinque Terre etc. in that order more or less, staying maybe some night in a place or another.


so finally after a last hard month of work and study the 2nd of June arrived. the plane took off at 22:00 at night from Bilbao. when I leaved the airport in Venice, there were some sweet 20º-25ºC blowing outside, and after a taxi and some walk, I arrivedto our little room at 01:00 am, and finally, after two months, I was able to kiss and hug tightly that girl. I really wanted to feel her close again….