evolution-moden girl look

How to get this look ? 

First you have to think about the length of the jacket and it's color , you can start with that order depending on your height. 



You want the jacket to be the main point of attraction, you can really go wild with the color of your choice , (orange, hot pink, red...) but it's very important to bring it all together and unite it with...BLACK!

We all have it in our wardrobe , if you don't want to invest in getting a total look , just put together all the items you have and keep in mind the volume of the jacket. 


You can go crazy , just stick to monochromatic or complemantary  colors.The choices are endless:

  1. ankle length dress
  2. high collar sweater
  3. tights with a body suit that align 
  4. bold earrings/corset


Again , the total look will guide your style of boots, it can be sneakers, boots or booties