We avoid our own happiness when we talk so much , when you know you’re just defending yourself and your mind but you talk to the wrong people and they don’t understand , they never will and you cause yourself pain everytime...why bother? Why inflict yourself with pain and hurt when you can simply smile with your mind and face ?


Let go of stress  , live in abundance, focus on your own happiness , don’t hold on to hate, it will only make things worse for you. 

Ways to help you let go: 

talk to a friend you trust

wake up every morning and write a full page of everything that crosses your mind, the good stuff, the stupid things like how the washing machine needs to be fixed, errands that you can turn to something fun(I suggest music,dancing as they make the time pass and cheer you up, full you up with inspiration or funny videos ( I watch Conan , Jimmy Fallon...they always cheer me up when I’m down)

write down a list of things you need to forgive yourself for

write down a list of things you need to love about yourself, read it everyday

write down letters to people that hurt you,don’t actually send them but mention what they’ve done and how they’ve hurt you, let GO of everything.  

Eliminate any friends that cause you stress and nag at you all day long and never get excited for your own happiness