pretty girl


I’m 16. Ive never thought of myself as a “pretty girl”. Especially growing up on an island with nothing but pretty girls, there was a certain image you had to withhold. And I never really fit that image. I was the quiet, chubby, tom boy With low self esteem that never seemed to stand out in any aspect of life. At least that’s how I saw myself. Its now 2 years later, I’m 18. im still not the prettiest in the room, I still have issues with my body and doubts about myself but it’s a different kind of doubt. I’m no longer looking around comparing myself to every girl, cause I know that the only one I need to worry about is me. there’s a new found confidence that comes with realizing this. The only competition you should EVER have is with yourself. So love yourself and never let go of that feeling. Cause let me tell you something once you realize this everything falls into place. And if you feel like itll never happen, I promise darling, I’ve been there.