The sun rises over the ocean and surfs the sky
as the moon escapes in the background of light,
the sound of destiny rushes towards the ocean
with the tree of life in her hand to assert birth rite,
her footsteps are the loud memories left behind
that only the love of the blue sea can wash away,
for when the ocean becomes one with her soul
she is living in the moment and never the day,
and with the sun on her back she awaits the
next wave of life to challenge her free mind,
her smile echoing amongst seagulls and the
flower in her hair dancing to the music shined.
She feels the wave coming for her pride and
then silences her emotions and steady heart,
she embraces all the strength she has built
causing her feet and soulboard to never part,
life then carries her towards the beginning of
where her journey to happiness first began,
every grain of salt feeling blue fire because
when the young phoenix rises there is no end.
She is the ocean when the waves are highest
and the pure soul bound to every single pearl,
for she is more than time, strength, love, life
and all treasures of the world - she is a Girl.



Dancing Is one of the best ways of connecting your body. When i'm moving my body in the way that i love, that i find pleasant, i can feel my core and my individuality. Its like a date with myself, where i can learn new things about myself, explore what is right for me.

When i first felt the right movement for me, i discovered things I’ve never known. 
In my mind I thought about myself that ima really tough and cold person. I used to put a lot of effort in dancing and I was emphasizing my strength within the dance. I remember this one time,i was already a professional dancer this days, when I was kind of tired during rehearsals and For the first time, I didn’t fight that mood of tiredness and I just let it be. I embraced that feeling. My body reacted in an effortless movement, a movement that was so soft, so warm. Since then I am using this sense of softness along with strength.
Giving yourself an hour of dancing , yoga, or even go to a party where you can dance and let loose is an amazing way of giving yourself the things that you need. Taking care of yourself is the key to health.

So Love,

Love the movement that comes out of you.

love it , embrace it , be thankful for your body.