issue 2 FREEDOM

one night

Photographer: Ämr Ezzeldinn @aezzeldinn #GIRL 


photographed by @t.riip #GIRL @n.c.bennett

Photographer @narchive GIRL @flloral_art


abbey pelletier

I bought him a $2 beer then squeezed my way to the bathroom before he bailed on me and didn't notice that one of my brand new puff earrings I made earlier that day was gone, a true traumatic tragedy when I looked in the mirror back in my apartment so I picked up a book from the floor and threw it across the room thinking it might bring my earring back or at least dial down the rage bubbling in my throat. It did neither of those things so I called him again and he picked up and he didn't say a word for 9 seconds and I realized he was sobbing, stupidly, sobbing about nothing specific, stuttering on in circles trying to string a sentence together to spell out his sudden disappearance. I hung up the phone and realized it was an axiom all along until tonight, I acquired the evidence. @noabbeyno


Photos by @moriscc

How does a seventeen years old girl with a 90' way of thinking lives on during this technological era? Social networks and online magazines can't be compared with the smell of ink and paper which can only be found in classic magazines showing the true rock and pop kings and icons. Andrea, an Scandinavian girl from Bergen, enjoys to be indoors during the grey and cold northern days, living under the nostalgia of this fast living times.  

My darling , your legs are up in the air and i am whispering things to your ear , i remember when i first saw you jump over the fence, thighs beautifully covered with sweat, you had on your “princess” panties, you drove me crazy , i don’t think you knew it back then and every time we bathed separately after gym class ,i would imagine your face close to mine , kissing every inch of my being, you’d tear me apart with questions and curiosity, flushed with fever , chest heaving, mountains of skin ready to explode. Fucking is filled with desire , love making is the act of love getting fucked in a good way, i fought myself to straddle my emotions on the side but i failed to see the truth , it wasn’t him, it was just me, and every time i touched myself i’d think of everyone else, everything else, i stressed so much, i wouldn’t even cum, i would just reach peaks of pleasure but never there, not up high where i wanted to be. 

I looked everywhere, under the bed, online, in a friend that seemed to like me but i had no feeling towards, i couldn’t even kiss his cheek, i still shake thinking about it till this day, i feel just…disturbed by the fact that i was trying so hard to be happy. In the bottom of the tub, I lay thinking of black hair, piercings all over and tattoos, i don’t know-nothing about her was my usual attraction but it did it, i was THERE. 

Next came the confusion and the real self worth ,who am i , what am i , is this right? but here we go again like that “Whitesnake” song, “here i go again on my own, going down the only road i’ve ever known” … thighs covered with sweat, pink panties…I knew i was yours and all my feelings were true and maybe after all i found something good, something without a script. I was terrified, we were both girls, i could talk to you anytime, see you change your clothes and undress in front of everyone else, that drove me crazy, the music would play in my mind along with all the tumblr posts i’ve secretly liked, you’re making it so hard darling. I tell myself to breathe, repeat…i wish i can just get a little closer, closer to your lips ,to those hips! I decided to take it slow and everything stopped just like that feeling when you cover your ears under the shower head and you play pretend(try it next time, feels just like rain) anyway, time stopped right as she dropped the towel and i gazed at her for what seemed to be like forever…so i like her, just her and nothing but her!!!I can dance for hours just to tease you without getting close to you and i can spend 10 more lost inside of you, every inhibition is gone and all that matters steps aside, only lips, only heaven, only pleasure, no more pain darling , no more of the tears you tasted after five heated minutes with that other one, because i am the real need you crave and i don’t quit on you after one taste, I keep going for number ten-twenty two babe like my favorite sport, my aim is to win you over. 

Kinga Bubka Photography & Styling ; Melanie Knight

 The Real people, this can be found on depop; mjknigh

MOTHERHOOD Photographed by Jordan Worthy #GIRL Kylla Mckenzie

Antidotestudios photography Girl Briana Palacioss

Photography Callum McClarty

Gong eos photography 

#GIRL Victoria Wang

Stylist  Misaki Tonomura

Talya Menase photography

Photographer/Creative Director: Aesthetic Distance (that is me) #GIRL Lily Ertel - Makeup Artist: Faye Whiteman-Hair Stylist (color and cut) Sarah Vitek for Edge Evolution Studio & Spa, Baltimore, MD-Wardrobe Stylist: Christen Johnson

shot by @bluespit

the purple / "relax" jumper looks are @zddz_official

orange look is @fetishforfinefabrics

both looks shot and styled by @bluespit

model and mua @rotten_peaches

shot in marrakesh


Jordan Qualls 



#GIRL: Katrina Margaret Palmer Photographer: Maddie Roux Stylist: Tory Price HMUA: Lauren Della

HMUA: Diana at ONLO Beauty

#GIRL Megan Sawey

Photographer: Madison Neumann

Photo:  vassili Bocle @vbocle
Make up: Manon jegou @manonjegoumua
Stylist Émilie carlach @emiliecarlach
Hair: djemila berrembou fruchon @dje_hairstylist


Model : sasha myk @sasha_myk
Baya @bayakolarikova
From elite paris
Thanks to studio astre

Photography/styling Sian Ashleigh



@2ndlifephotography #girls  @corieshannon and @touchofteddy